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HNL010 Zoom Stereo Measuring Microscope
Description and Notes
HNL010 Zoom Stereo Measuring Microscope

This is a new design and Exclusive digital video microscope. Its functions include Camera drawing, video display, graphic measurement, video recording, which is not only for mobile phone repair but also jewelry welding and more precision welding works. 12-78X magnification details will be display on 11.6 inch screen with 1080 HD resolution. Graphic measurement function of this microscope will help you solve more problems.
It is an intelligent digital microscope. Due to the many accessories it can be used in many areas. Among other things, it is also useful in the following fields: industry, life sciences, mineralogy, insect barn, botany, crime lab, education, etc. For its simplicity, its use is easy to learn.
Standar Set Specification


12X- 78X (built-in 0.35xCCD and 1x Lens) , Extend to 9X-155X
Zoom range 0.7X-4.5X
Illuminant LED light built-in design
Lens Mount C Mount
Interface HDMI/VGA Port
Displayer Size 11.6’’? 280x180x16mm
Display resolution 1080P HD LCD screen
Camera Function Camera drawing, video display, graphic, measurement, video Recording.
Upgrade Access to USB storage and upgrade
Image spec 1920x1080x24Bit
Resolution 60 fps@1920x1080
Sensor Size 1/2”
Pixel Size 3.75x3.75um
Color Adjust R.G.B adjust individually
WB One button/Manual
Displayer Size 11.6’’? 280x180x16mm
Exposure Auto or Manual
Contrast Manual
Shoot Mode Manual/line control
Storage Mode U Disk
Crosshairs Superpose or cancel
Working voltage 5V-12V
Camera Size 280x180x67mm
Displayer Resolution 1920*1080P
Weight 450g
Working Temperature 0-70℃
Measurement Connect the mouse to operate