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J37.44.KD05 Low Speed Medical Centrifuge
Description and Notes
J37.44.DL4A Low Speed Medical Centrifuge
●Strong metal case
●High power Brushless motor,
●LED display speed and timer
●over speed and imbalance alarm
●With mechanical door lock and safety switch
●error code display, speed up and down adjustment
●Stainless steel chamber
●Suit for qualitative analysis of blood serum and plasma
J37.44.DL4A Low Speed Medical Centrifuge Standard set
MAX RPM 4000 RPM, stepless speed adjustment , LED display speed and timer
Max RCF 2325xg
Timer 0-99min
Rotor capacity 20mlx24 (standard) ; changeable: 15mlx8, 15mlx12,15mlx18 (Optional)
Voltage 110V 60Hz /220V 50Hz
Dimension(mm) 330x360x330mm
Weight 14kg
Optional Rotors
Description Ordering number Rotor capacity Max RCF
Rotor in Standard set A 042024 (standard) 20mlx24 2720xg
Optional rotor 1 A041508 15mlx8 2325xg
Optional rotor 2 A041520 20mlx12 2325xg
Optional rotor 3 A041518 15mlx18 2325xg
Optional rotor 4 A041524 15mlx24 2520xg