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J17.02.03 Stirling Engine with Generator Model with 4 LEDs
Description and Notes
J17.02.03 Stirling Engine with Generator Model
Stirling Engine was invented in 1816 by London pastor Rober Stirling. It is unique and amazing design, cause its efficency is almost equal the theoretical maximam efficiency, known as "Carnot Cycle Efficiency".
The Stirling Engine is heated by gas expansion, contraction and cold produce power. This is an external combustion engine, the fuel to burn continuously, expanding the air (or helium or hydrogen) as the media so that th piston movement, expansion of gas cooling in the cold chamber, repeated for this cycle.
Order No. Specification
J17.02.03 180*90*90mm, 270g wooden base (it is not solid wood,don't need Fumigation Certificate)
J17.02.03-M 180*90*83mm ,370g, with Metal Base